Zufi Alexander The Great

For all you darlings out there who are fanatical about bags I have the next designer handbag to keep an eye out for! Be ahead of the celebs and bag yourself a Zufi Alexander.


Zufi Alexander is a lady who has always had a love for shoes and bags since she can remember and dreamt up the idea of wanting something unique to carry around with her. She made her dream come true by launching her first collection of Zufi bags which made their way onto the shelves of Saks in Dubai and Harvey Nicks in Saudi. The bags all have flirty, girly nicknames such as “Kiss Me” and “Come With Me” but they’re unique and most importantly totally wearable and come adorned with Alexander’s ‘gadgets’; fur pom poms, Swarovski brooches and leather tassels making each bag an individual piece to wear. Alexander Zufi also has big plans for the future by planning to create two collections a year and she is also going to introduce shoes to the collection in two seasons time.

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