Working A Corporate 9 til 5 …

Most of us now work in the corporate world, not necessarily from the hours from 9 til 5 but all the same in an office environment.

If you work full-time then your work clothes are practically the most important part of your wardrobe these days as we tend to spend most of our lives working… You may think this is funny and I bet not many of you have thought about it but – where else in life can your clothes have a genuine effect on your future? Your appearance at work can genuinely be the difference between getting a future promotion and being stuck in the same role forever. A depressing thought, but if you feel like your stuck in a rut then why don`t try these styling tips to prove to yourself that you really can do it. It won`t happen overnight but if you think about changing one thing every week then you`ll soon see your confidence rise and hopefully your paycheck too!

Suit – Long Tall Sally
Essential jacket – £79, Stripe shirt – £39, Essential bootleg – £45

Rule Number One – Hide your flesh

Unfortunately even in today`s day and age women are still being treated like sex objects in many workplaces. Therefore I would strongly recommend not showing off your body or bare flesh too much in the corporate world as it will simply encourage your male colleagues to look at you as little more than someone they`d like to sleep with. You may like the attention at first but it`s certainly not the way to go about getting a promotion. My thoughts are that you won`t be taken very seriously, even if you are damn good at your job if you go about dressing in this way. This may seem boring and sensible but it`s your reputation on the line and at the end of the day you don`t really know what your colleagues bitch about behind your back.

Rule Number Two – Shiny shoes

Your footwear is one of the most important items in your work wardrobe and it`s one of the major things that people most judge you on so they need to be kept clean and shiny at all times. However it can be difficult to find a pair of shoes that meets every requirement. Work shoes or any shoes for that matter should be sexy and stylish but don`t go overboard on the heels especially at work. Heels always compliment a sharp business suit and make any work outfit appear smarter but if your shoes aren`t comfortable then you will look stupid if you are always complaining that your feet can`t take it – sometimes you may need to be on your feet all day so consider wearing a smaller heel on these days. If you want to wear knee high boots, your skirt should always cover the tops. However showing your boots off may seem like a good idea before you leave the house and when your stood in front of the mirror but sometimes they are not suitable to wear in a corporate working environment. Perhaps if you have a dress-down Friday day at work this is the opportunity to wear them but still consider the occasion and situation.

Rule Number Three – Corporate clothes MUST fit correctly

This rule may seem silly to point out but it doesn’t stop thousands of women going to work in clothes that are too tight, too big or simply ill fitting. Although you won`t get sacked for this, it will affect what colleagues and associates really think of you and may screw up your chances of promotion without you even realising it. First impressions count in any situation but more so at work and in business. I`m sure any boss would rather tell you the reason why you didn`t get a promotion is because of your performance, but not many would divulge the fact that it could be related to what you look like or how you dress. Another thing is that your boss may not even realise why they are dismissing you as a candidate for promotion, because of how you present yourself could mean that you fade into the background and not stand out as an individual.

Rule Number Four – Underwear should not be on show

In the corporate work place you should be recognised as a professional before you are seen as a woman. If you show bra straps or indeed reveal the whole of your bra through a light blouse, you will be encouraging your male colleagues to see you as a woman rather than a professional. If you strive for a successful career you need to keep your frilly negligee under wraps, you want to concentrate on doing your job properly not be worried about distracting unwanted attention. Of course it won`t stop men thinking of you in that way altogether but it doesn’t give them any added reason to either.

I hope you have found these tips useful. I know some of them sound extreme but why don`t you try one rule this week and see what affect it has.

Wishing you all a very Happy Tuesday!

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