Work Wear Winter Cashmere

Why not put a twist on your work wear attire this season? In most office-based roles these days, gone are the days of having to be suited and booted, it`s more of a business casual dress code that is portrayed. Smart tailoring is still key but certainly for women less formal shirts such as feminine blouses and smart tops or knitwear will suffice. Clean lines and good quality fabrics will reflect that smart and professional image in the work place that will help impress clients and send out the right messages to employees.

Cashmere Midi Dress, Pure Collection £199

Now that the cooler months are drawing in it`s the prefect chance to inject one of my most favourite materials in to your work wardrobe – cashmere. Worn cleverly enough it doesn’t have to make your work attire look any less smart, if anything it can really add a luxurious feel to a jaded work ensemble whilst retaining an air of femininity.

The timeless cashmere jumper

Rather than wearing a shirt every day, a light cashmere jumper combined with a simplistic pencil skirt or a pair of stylish tapered trousers will give you added warmth not to mention that stylish edge. It’s a great way of adding colour too – I know I`ll be opting for some deep burgundy tones this season. And remember to accessorise – a delicate pendant necklace will complete the look!

The elegant cashmere work dress

When styling clients for the office, I like to inject some femininity into their work capsules by making sure I mix up separate trousers, skirts and dresses. A cashmere dress is the perfect way to add warmth to your work wardrobe without having to rely on too many layers, which can often look bulky and a bit too messy for work. One of the best online collections I have found is Pure Collection, they do a great range of separates, too.

The feminine cashmere cardigan

I love cardigans – there are so many different styles that can each tell a different story! For a smarter look why not go with a more prim and proper style like the cropped round neck cardigan. Wear it done up, undone or with just a few buttons fastened. Alternatively, the boyfriend cardigan is chic work with a pair of fitted straight leg or skinny tailored trousers and a simple white shirt or blouse. Or for a super feminine look, the ruffle edge cardigan will look great with those fitted pencil skirts!

Cashmere Cropped Round Neck Cardigan, £109

Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan, £179

Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan, £149

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