Winter Wedding Woes …

Hi TopStylista,

I am attending a wedding in two weeks time and I’m struggling to find a suitable outfit, considering it`s the middle of Winter still. Having never attended a winter wedding I am unsure of the best option. I’m in my mid-twenties and the vast majority of guests will be similar age. I would like to look elegant but also warm!

I have found a beautiful silk dress that is an olive-green-light-grey colour. It is sleeveless with 1-inch wide shoulder straps. It`s quite floaty and comes down to mid-calf. My main concern is the weather.

Can you recommend anything to wear over the dress? What colours should I be looking for (bearing in mind I’m a redhead!). Also I’m not good in heels – is it ever acceptable to wear boots to a wedding?).

Any recommendations would be appreciated!!
Many thanks – C


Finding the right outfit for a wedding is not an easy task by any means, let alone in the Winter; You want to look elegant but still stay warm and feel comfortable.

I believe you have made a great choice on with your dress: green grey will look perfect with your red hair, it is a flattering and sophisticated colour.

As for a cover up, why don’t you try a pretty cardigan or shrug. Choose a fitted style that ends just under your bust with three quarter sleeves. This style, I`m sure will be enough to keep you warm and it won’t ruin the elegant look of your dress.

Choose a luscious material like cashmere or angora or a delicate fine knitted one in ivory, white or even metallic silver. If your dress is plain then opt for embellished necklines or collars on your chosen shrug along with sparkly sequins and even perhaps jewel buttons. Monsoon have some great shrugs that will to suit your dress – see below.

Finally, it`s ok to wear boots to a wedding as long as they are not completely flat. If you don’t feel comfortable in high heels then why not try a kitten or wedge heel.

Lidia x

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