Why I love my dream job of being a personal shopper!

I absolutely love my job of being a personal shopper in London. Most people I meet say it sounds like a dream job and to me it really is!

It`s fantastically rewarding because every one of my clients has different requirements and body confidence issues so in my book everyone is totally unique. Everyday I find myself working with clients of varying ages who have different body shapes, styles, looks, lifestyles and budgets – it`s fascinating and I love meeting new people on a daily basis. My youngest client is 22 years of age and my eldest is around 67 years old.


There are a number of reasons why clients may hire me to take them out shopping.

This year it has become apparent that most want a more professional image and in this current climate it doesn`t surprise me at all. When you know you look good, you automatically feel much better about yourself and subconsciously it makes you improve your performance and gives you that inner confidence. Even just keeping your job this year is proving challenging so if clients can get an edge over their colleagues by looking `the part` it seems they are going to succeed.

Mother of the bride outfit shopping is becoming increasingly popular but this is due to the time of year. With summer being the most desired time to have a wedding it`s no wonder clients are starting to prepare and think about what to wear for them now.

But, I would say a smart casual capsule wardrobe is the priority for every client I take shopping throughout the year, whatever the season. Dressing them in a stylish and effortless smart casual capsule wardrobe is a winning formula for all clients who are time poor, as this process saves a huge amount of time and money in the long term.

I took Laura out shopping at Westfield London two Saturdays ago because her mum had bought a personal shopping gift voucher for her 30th birthday. I`d like to share our experience with you. Here are her words about her personal shopping day with me at Westfield London:

`When my mum asked me to choose a gift for my 30th birthday, the best present I could imagine was to go into my 30`s without the terrible body image that plagued made my 20`s and teens.

As a graphic designer, I have a strong sense of style, and yet finding clothes to fit both my body and my personality proved impossible. I felt alienated from fashion that seemed to be targeted to smaller girls. Regardless of how much I worked on building up my confidence, the lack of stylish clothes in my size was a constant source of unhappiness.

So my mum booked me a session with Chantelle.

I was deeply anxious that I was beyond professional help and convinced that she wouldn`t be able to find clothes for me. But from the start Chantelle made me feel really comfortable – her calmness and confidence were infectious. I was shocked that without even meeting me, she was able to pick clothes, accessories and even shoes that perfectly fit my body and personal style. The very first thing I tried on, a pencil skirt, fitted like it was tailored for me. I went through the day in a bit of a daze!

By the evening it had all sunk in: I went to my birthday dinner that night in a posh restaurant and I felt entirely comfortable in my skin. I wasn`t even intimidated coming face to face with 3 Danish models doing their make up in the bathroom.

Most of all I feel excited about fashion again. The items that I bought have added energy to my wardrobe – from 10 new items I`ve got hundreds of new outfits. It has also altered the way I relate to clothes and shopping – Chantelle hasn`t transformed me into a Danish model, but she`s made me realise that my inner confidence (and a killer belt) will make any outfit wear well.”
Laura from London

After spending a few hours with Laura, we both had such a fun day shopping and this is why I absolutely love my job. With feedback like this, to me being a personal shopper is definitely the best job in the world!

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