Why Are Skinny Jeans Still In?

I love skinny jeans and I also like the looks you can recreate with them but it doesn`t necessarily mean I look or feel good in them…


I have to say that I am a size 8-10, not particularly large but why do I still feel self-conscious wearing them?

I do the classic thing of thinking that when I have a thin day I can wear them with confidence, but as soon as I put them on they quickly come off. The sight is sore when I am stood in front of my bedroom mirror. I see girls that are bigger then me wondering round town in skinny jeans like they couldn`t care less but I guess they must feel slightly more comfortable with their bodies, otherwise they would stay away from them like I do.

However, I really do like them and so much so that my skinny jeans still remain in my wardrobe – just in case (for those thin days that I very rarely get). I hate the thought of throwing them out because if I do then I have this mental issue of thinking that I am not fashionable anymore because I don`t own a pair of skinny jeans. It`s a funny scenario because I have a cheapish pair of skinny jeans, which I paid under £20 for and an expensive pair, which I paid over £100 for. My thinking behind this was that if I paid more for them they would actually make me look and feel better in them, how wrong I was because in fact I have worn the cheaper ones more… What was I thinking?

This article is all about finding out from my loyal readers why we are just wearing these jeans… Is it because they are still fashionable and the high street are still selling them or do we really love them that much and feel great in them?

I guess at the end of day we are all human and if we don`t feel good, we don`t feel good, it`s just best to accept the fact that we can`t wear them. Just thank your lucky stars if you can wear these skinny little jeans with ease but please know that you are envied by the not so fortunate – wear them with pride and be happy! xx

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