What to Wear for a Winter Wedding …

Hi Chantelle,

I’ve just come across your website and would love some advice regarding a winter wedding I have been invited to this year.

The bride is one of my closest friends from University and it is one of those events where friends, and indeed past flames we haven’t seen for years will be attending. It doesn’t look likely that I’ll have a plus one for the event and the aim really is to look good, feel comfortable and have a good time.

Now my agony is my large bust – I have a curvy size 10 figure, a flat rear and a 32G bust. Can you recommend some dresses? I would preferably like to divert attention away from my bust and maybe concentrate on my waist? What would you suggest? And also, if you have any advice on winter weddings do’s and don`ts then I would be grateful if you could advise.

Anon (please)

Thank you so much for your fashion agony.

Winter weddings are always hard to dress up for but I have some good suggestions for you based on the information that you have provided about yourself.

Wedding don`ts for me are; stay away from wearing white, cream or colours that are too pale as you might be mistaken for a bridesmaid, or even worse, the bride. I also recommend that you stay away from wearing black, it will accommodate you in the evening but there are such lovely dresses in gorgeous colours to choose from that it seems a bit of cop out. Make sure you are happy with your outfit about a month before the wedding and take a picture of yourself in it so that you can inspect and change things if they don`t look quite right. If you have bought new shoes then make sure you wear them in before the big day and even with socks around the house when you`re at home to stretch them slightly.

Please read these essential styling tips that will point you in the right direction in deciding on the perfect dress for you. In general styling terms, to accommodate your 32G bust you will need to stay away from dresses that have extra fabric on or very near your bust such as pleats, gathers and rouching. The detail will visually enhance the size of your bust and you may get some unwanted attention drawn to this part of your body.

I do agree with you that it would be a good idea to concentrate on drawing the eye to your waist area so wrap dresses or belts on your waist will enhance it. Stay away from wearing anything just below your bust as this will just enhance the size of it again.

Another good tip is to go for a patterned dress, which will conceal your bust well and also disguise your flat rear. Tulip shaped dresses will also sit well on your body creating a curvier rear. More often than not you will find it easy to accessorise a dress with more colours running through it, just pick out one of the more prominent colours to start coordinating.

I`m not sure what budget you have put aside for your wedding outfit but here are some great options for you;


Amy Dress – COAST – £95


Issa Magic Jersey Dress – NET-A-PORTER – £540


Melika Dress – COAST – £95

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