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Hi Chantelle
Help – I need a wedding stylist! I am going to a wedding soon and need to find something new to wear. I am 5ft 2inches and recently I have lost weight, dropping to a size 8-10 with typically an hour glass figure to bear. I tend not to wear dresses and rarely show off my legs. As I have lost weight I would like to find a dress I feel comfortable in whilst still feeling sexy. I know what I like and usually stick to the same style and colours of clothes which I know suit me. I want to find something I can wear again and even perhaps mix and match to make other outfits. Can you suggest a modern look that would suit me? Caroline, Somerset – by email

Agony Answered
I realise it is a mine field when pacing the shop floors and it is hard to know where to start when looking for a dress … Firstly identify a budget for the desired outfit, this will make it easy to discount items which are too expensive and you will find that you make decisions quickly and easily. There are so many new trends out there currently I would suggest going for something fairly plain that won`t date. Look for something which has something quite memorable about it, this maybe the pattern on it, shape, colour or cut of the dress. If you are on a budget then try to match the outfit to a pair of shoes you currently have. Weddings tend to be an all day affair and quite often some parts of it will involve being outside. I would suggest wearing a cropped jacket, pashmina or fine knitted shrug in the same colour as the outift or something which has hints of colour in it which compliment it. The ladies clothing brand COAST do amazing 40`s – 50’s style off the shoulder dresses which are perfect and sooooooooo flattering! They are very easy pieces to wear and are priced between £85 – £150. Team it with the perfect wrap cardigan or shrug also found in COAST.

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