TriPollarâ„¢ POSEâ„¢ – an exciting breakthrough in non-invasive cosmetic body treatment!

TriPollarâ„¢ POSEâ„¢ is a sleek, hand held device which has been clinically proven to shrink stubborn fat deposits and increase dermal collagen production. It’s basically a new skin tightening, collagen boosting, body contouring device powered by professional triPollarâ„¢ technology, adapted for use in the home, which makes it ultra easy peasy to use! We here at have been using the device to trial it’s magic and we can categorically state that it smoothes out facial wrinkles and definitely tightens the skin around the thigh area!


Now for the technical part… TriPollarâ„¢ POSEâ„¢ works by emitting four low power beams into both the dermis and hypodermis of the skin. Users, like you and I can expect to experience a pleasant warming sensation as the energy simultaneously and gently heats all skin layers from the inside – stick rigidly to the instructions because the skin can become red quite quickly if ignored (the skin layer with the fat cells heats more quickly than the dermis, which causes them to release liquid fat (fatty acid) and shrink in size.)


The best thing is that TriPollarâ„¢ POSEâ„¢ can be used to treat areas of the body in need of firming or fat reduction including the abdomen, buttocks, waist, thighs and arms but I would still recommend regular exercise and healthy eating on top.

If you’re wanting to trial your very own TriPollarâ„¢ POSEâ„¢, the device will be available nationwide in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and NEXT stores and online at, priced £349.

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