TOPSTYLISTA LOVE’S Dr Kadir Matrix Moisturising Cream SPF22

I must say I love the line ‘Say Hello to Dr Kadir… Wave goodbye to cosmetic surgery. Dr Kadir introduces revolutionary Matrix Care to the UK’, I simply had to try one of his most raved about skin care products, Dr Kadir Matrix Moisturising Cream SPF22. With being a top personal stylist in London it’s not just about shopping for beautiful clothes, shoes and handbags, image is everything and looking your very best is key, so excellent grooming should not be overlooked.


Since I turned 30 I’ve noticed more lines, prominent blemishes, extra dryness and darker circles underneath my eyes, which leads me to think now, I am really showing the signs of ageing! With years of trouble free skin and hardly wearing any make-up, my skin care regime was incredibly easy but now I must admit I have been secretly looking into lotions and potions to ‘work their magic and do the trick’, but there’s so many products on the market its a wonder, what will work.

I asked to try one of Dr Kadir’s products and I was recommended the moisturising cream, a great choice considering its a multi-purpose wrinkle filler, SPF22 and eye cream all in one! Literally, just what I needed.

The packaging didn’t WOW me but I didn’t let this put me off. When I first un-twisted the lid open, the cream’s ‘baby-like’ smell hit me hard and I liked it, as it seemed really refreshing – not what I was expecting! I thought it might have had a strong mature perfume smell like other expensive skin care creams, but far from it.

Anyway, the cream appeared to have a fairly thick consistency, which I do like in a moisturiser, making it feel like you are getting far more goodness in one hit. I was really surprised after the first application with how it made me feel and best of all, how it made my skin feel. There was a gorgeous overall smoothness that my face hadn’t felt in ages, there was no dryness or uneven surfaces, just baby soft skin. It made me feel like I had teenager skin again, plump, soft and radiant. The cream guarantees visible results within 2-4 weeks so I can’t wait to keep using this moisturiser to see the final results.

Dr Kadir fans include celebs such as Jennifer Anniston, Madonna, Jessica Simpson and Kristin Davies, and you can see why. If money was no object then I’d be using the entire product range seven days of the week!

Dr Kadirâ„¢ Matrix Moisturising Cream SPF22, £95.00
Verdict: a whopping and well deserved 10/10

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