There’s Hope For The Perfect Christmas Party Dress

Hi Chantelle,
Just came across your website, and I love all the advice you give for people with problem areas. Unfortunately, I seem to have them all!

Too big for flattering clothes in normal shops, too small for the smallest in plus sizes … size 12,14, and too young for most of the serious, boring,
figure-fixing dresses (I’m 19). Anyway, I’m looking for a nice dress for a (very) semi-formal Christmas party – something cute and a little bit funky, but not with too much … boobage.

My problems are: I have big boobs, but small ribs, which means most dresses sag there without serious altering … It then flares into a serious stomach pouch and love handles … the pouch I can sometimes find clothes to cover it, but even thick fabrics fail to hide the serious difference between the handles and the legs … yuck … I wear one of those girdles and it helps, but most dresses that cover my handles make me look very bulky? Any ideas for a perfect dress for my very imperfect figure? Thanks! Hope – by email.

Hi Hope,

Many thanks for your fashion agony email.

I have found some cute, sexy dresses for you to consider for your Christmas party. I have tried to find stockists which are near to where you live or who will post to your neck of the woods.

It sounds like from your email that you have a curvy figure which you should be proud of! Both dresses which I have found for you will be appropriate for your semi-formal Christmas party and both conceal the boob area very well. Because you have small ribs means that you can wear dresses which have shape under the bust, this will highlight the smallest part of your body. I shall describe both dresses individually for you to see why both will suit your body shape.

Dress One
Curvety Charmeuse Faux Wrap Dress £77.00


The company that I found this dress from is called Curvety and they are based in Surrey, where I live funnily enough! I think this dress oozes sex appeal and it conceals the bust area well. If you feel that it reveals a little too much boob area then you could always try wearing a silk camisole underneath the dress. This dress has a great shape on the top half and I like the way it skims over the lower part of the body. The sleeves have a slight puff ball effect which is perfect for larger upper arms, it will ensure that you will feel comfortable by not showing off too much flesh. The way the fabric hangs under the bust means that nobody knows what is really underneath the dress. Wear sexy strappy heels with this dress for maximum effect.

Dress Two
Lane Bryant Contrast Lace Party Dress $77.00


The second dress is from Lane Bryant. I must admit that I have never heard of this brand before but I think the shape of this dress will give you a great shape. Again, it has pretty detail on the bust area and it has a wrap over effect on top which conceals the bust area well. The sash falls under the bust showing off the smallest part of your upper body and then the A-line shape of the skirt will hide your bottom half well. You should feel very comfortable in this dress shape because it won’t cling to any part of your lower half. Experiment with sheer black patterned tights to make this dress individual to you.

Hope this is advice is helpful. Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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