The Speedo 80:08 Anniversary Collection

In celebration of their 80th anniversary Speedo have created a one off Sport range called 80:08, which includes bold statement retro prints on their bikinis and modern one-piece swimsuits that give a totally unique look from their well known serious athletic swimwear lines.


You`ll also see refreshing striking pinks, blues, blacks and white colour combinations while selected bikinis showcase a chunky, retro-futurist Speedo logo and accompanying `80:08` motif, which gives an urban-street wear feel to the collection.

It`s not just the women`s collection that has undergone a new wave of design elements; the men`s swimwear also receives a similar treatment, consisting of strong singular coloured aqua shorts and classic white trunks with exposed yellow drawstrings.

So, if you want to make a statement on the beach and turn heads in the water this new look collection sums up Speedo`s unbeatable combination of forward thinking design, fashionable functionality and unbeatable performance.

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