The Lifft Sling – Baby Slings & Baby Carriers for New Parents To Be

There are so many baby accessories on the market and I must say it`s so easy to become too consumed. It`s about finding out what you need and what you think you might use the most. You most certainly don`t need every gismo and gadget on the market but to have a bit if a clue is useful.

Recommendations from friends that already have kids, I think is the best way to gain advice. I had never even heard of a baby sling until some friends came to stay the other week and the dad especially raved about how good it was to get their baby off to sleep. Chiropractors, physiotherapists, midwives, health visitors and breastfeeding counsellors all recommend The Lifft Sling, as it`s scientifically proven to improve your posture and is suitable for hands-free breastfeeding – sounds too good to be true!


However, I decided to get one for my husband based on his friend`s advice. I opted for the khaki and black version, and at only £49.99 it`s a very cost effective way to help your baby off to sleep.

The Lifft baby sling has been exclusively designed to offer you and your baby supreme levels of comfort and style, but with one major advantage – it looks so very easy to use. The variety of natural carrying positions means that you can carry your baby in the sling from birth right through to toddlerhood if you so wish! The sling mirrors the way you would naturally cradle the baby in your arms whereas front carriers may place pressure on a baby’s developing spine and pelvis. I also like the fact that the Lifft baby sling is the only sling to be scientifically proven to improve your posture. Basically, the sling carries your baby at your centre of gravity, which encourages you to stand up straight and it frees your hands, saving your back, which is important following childbirth when supposedly our tummy muscles cannot support our spines sufficiently.

Our little one isn`t due until the end of March next year but my husband is already very much looking forward to using this fantastic product.

Khaki with Black £49.99

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