The Koople controversy

A few years ago, I was walking down Carnaby Street when I noticed an odd new shop called “The Kooples”. It looked like another of the usual sleek designer rustic-minimalist shops at first glance, but then I understood what they thought made them different. A shop that caters outfits for couples, so that he and she can be in-sync everywhere they go in everything they wear. This confused me. After however many years of women fighting for independence and their own voice in a man-made world, why would a girl really want to dress to match her fella?

The Kooples

Don’t get me wrong, the clothes in that place are gorgeous and defo worth looking at, it’s just the concept that I don’t quite understand. Individuality is what I consider the most important part of fashion. Trends are there to guide people, but not to force particular outfits on them. I find it more interesting to look at the differences in style between a boyfriend and girlfriend/ husband and wife. No doubt, through time, their individual looks will be influenced by their partner… a tie that matches her dress for an evening out…the old jumpers that mysteriously go missing from his wardrobe…

On the other hand, perhaps this shop is filling a niche. Not many highstreet stores look at “Guys and Girls” as couples, so very rarely do you find similar trends between the genders. Maybe more couple-orientated shops would cut out the “middle-man” when it comes to events or date outfit planning. Imagine a day when there’s an app for that, finding out his signature style or favourite cut of jeans and instantly being presented with the perfect outfit to catch his eye/heart (as long as that isn’t considered sexist or witchcraft). After all, perfumers have been using the “His and Her” link to sell fragrances for decades. Could accessories be next? Purposefully similar bags and shoes, socks and pants.

I wonder how many pairs of matching Y-fronts I’d have to sort out in the washing before devoting myself to a single life and maybe get a cat… Until they invent a designer range for single people and their pets.

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