The importance of improving your corporate image and the benefits of enhancing your personal brand.

Chantelle Znideric, corporate image consultant and founder of TopStylista Image Consultancy shares her thoughts on the importance of enhancing your corporate image and defining your personal brand.

Having a corporate image that empowers you will ensure you will succeed in business. My philosophy is… look successful and you will become successful. I agree, these are powerful words but they are incredibly meaningful when push comes to shove in the workplace.

How do you achieve that edge and a higher level of professionalism by `looking the part` whilst continually maintaining the respect from other members in your department? How do you secure more new business by getting people to trust you or sell more products without coming on too strong? How do you guarantee that promotion you deserve or feel more confident in that all important job interview? Whatever your professional goals are, a corporate image consultant or personal branding expert can enhance your professional image and improve your behaviour that represents you in the best way possible.

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Image & grooming training will benefit:
• Senior management who wish to improve their corporate flair, define their own personal brand and improve overall performance.
• Sales teams that require a unique edge over competitors, positive differentiation through correct representation and brand consistency, increasing sales.
• Executives who know that personal branding will enhance and make an impact on their career development.
• Company owners who are major players within their organisations but their requirements need to be addressed in a discreet 1-2-1 environment.
• Client-facing staff members – addressing appropriate business wear (formal or smart casual), personal grooming and behaviour.
• Executives who regularly appear in the media – developing the right personal brand and enhancing his or her overall image for all situations that conveys self-assurance and inner confidence.

People we meet in our everyday lives form an opinion of us based on our appearance within 30 seconds of meeting us whether we like it or not, and before we`ve even said a word we have already made a lasting first impression, good or bad. First impressions really do count especially when your job role involves client or customer facing communication on a one-to-one basis or in group scenarios. The fact you are putting yourself out there should make you more aware of how other people perceive you based on your non-verbal communication – in this highly visual world we are sophisticated interpreters of non-verbal messages whether we realise it or not.

55% of a first impression is purely based on your appearance so if you`re attitude, when it comes to your image and grooming routine is `that will do`, it most certainly won`t if you want to make a good or better than average first impression. In addition, our initial judgment includes other factors such as education, intelligence, social statue, confidence, attractiveness and likeability, all lead to a positive or negative opinion.

Regardless of how large or small your organisation, considerable amounts of time and money can be spent on a corporate rebrand from training new staff and hiring management teams to designing your company`s logo and launching your website.

Your new corporate identity may well attract potential customers but in reality the bottom line reflects on how your employees present themselves in public, which is one of the very first things prospective clients experience.

The most influential companies in the world today all have clear brand identities, combining consistent branding and effective marketing, which is communicated through their employees. Once complete synergy has been achieved your company will be able to reach its full potential in every which way forward.

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