The H&M Virtual Model Dressing Room

A friend of mine told me about an amazing new concept which she found on the H&M website. Once on the H&M website, go to the ‘Inspiration’ drop down menu and click ‘Dressing Room’. The H&M virtual model dressing room means you can log on and create a virtual model of yourself.

You are presented with the model and by putting in some key measurements and information you can change the way she looks to mirror your body shape, height and even the colour of your skin!

Once you have created a mirror image of your yourself, you can start dressing the model. You can choose items of clothes from individual categories (i.e. dresses, tops, jeans etc. etc.) or you can select clothes from three specific travel wardrobes.

This is a great way to see what items and shapes of clothing really suit you without having to queue for hours to get into a fitting room to do it. Make note of what you like and what clothes suit your body shape, the next time you go shopping, the experience could be less manic and hassle free. This is also a good way to build up knowledge of what colours suit your skin tone and you don’t have to apply it to just H&M clothes, apply it every store you go into and I am sure you will get amazing results.

I would love to hear how you all get on – email me your virtual models and I will put them up on my site. See the virtual model I have created of myself below.


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