The Essential JanSport Beamer

Our Moroccan adventure started off in Marrakech where we spent three days sight seeing and exploring the city. At night there was an opportunity to dress up a little so the mix and matching of outfits really came into play with the limited space I allowed myself for the 10 days of out trip.

After our luxurious stay in the city we headed to the Atlas Mountains near the village Imlil where our three-day stay combined some much-deserved relaxation and a few mini treks around the different mountain ranges. My outfits during this part of our trip consisted mainly of comfortable walking gear and of course hiking boots during the day. All I desired to wear during the evening were my comfortable and cosy `lounging about` clothes.

We then headed to Essaouira situated on the coast; this fishing port city was more stylish and laid back than Marrakech, which we warmed to instantly. Its Parisian charm came through in the old historic architecture, the gastronomic delights and the people there were very pleasant and friendly. We totally fell in love with the place and immediately we dressed more stylishly and smart to fit in with this city`s vibe.

For this trip I chose to take my JanSport Beamer with me and as we were travelling to three different parts of Morocco I wanted a bag which was comfortable to wear with an essential amount of different sized compartments but most importantly for me, the size of the bag I knew would accommodate all the clothes I wanted to take on this trip.

To look at this bag it looked like just a regular sized rucksack but the compartments grew in size dramatically to accommodate my 10 days worth of clothes including a selection of shoes, hiking boot, essential toiletries and a few must-have cosmetics! Not the most stylish of bags but definitely recommended for a fun filled trip packed with lots of activities. I even surprised myself! …


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