The Boutique Shopping Experience

Recently I have been making contact with lots of local boutiques in Surrey and I would like to share with you how to recognise a boutique that will give you a fantastic shopping experience.


Like all day to day businesses the success of any boutique is built up on how the owners run them and the staff members who are passionate about what they do. I find that you have to explore the boutiques to find the designer or brands you are looking to shop for but once that is out the way it is always a pleasure to pop in and see what latest items they have in stock. I find it interesting to keep up to date with new designers and you may find that the boutiques stock may vary according to the area you live in – a particular brand may sell very well in once place but no so well in another. If the owner has more than one boutique then you may well find that stock is rotated to give some variety for the customers.

When you shop in a boutique there is a personal touch and feeling which high street stores can’t provide. The higher end stores on the high street try to emulate this and some do a pretty good job. In a high street store there will be a high turnover of staff some who don’t have the best interests of their customers at heart, which is disappointing. Having said that I recently went into a boutique a few weeks ago, it was dead quiet and the shop owner looked me up and down as if I didn’t deserve to be in there! I was actually looking for an outfit for one of my clients, but she obviously didn’t know that. This is not the way to run a boutique because their successes are also built on word of mouth and now I will never recommend any of my clients to even visit that shop based on how the owner made me feel.

The moral of this story is that if you find a boutique that is friendly, helpful and with a relaxed atmosphere then you will be loyal and enjoy the shopping experience. You will spread the word to friends and they will spread the word to their friends – word of mouth is endless, positive advertising – so why are some boutique so stuck up their own butts?

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