The Beauty World is a-buzz with National Honey Week 3rd-9th May 2010

Did you know that by the teaspoon, honey is actually sweeter than table sugar? Did you know that whereas sugar rots your teeth and gums, honey has been clinically proven to help fight and prevent gum disease?

Honey has been used as a natural health remedy and beauty enhancer for over 5,000 years now but it is only recently that the number of British bee stocks is starting to dwindle. For the twelfth year now the Honey Association are holding National Honey Week to raise awareness of the plight of the bees and to reintroduce honey into people`s kitchens, bathrooms, make-up bags and medicine cabinets.

Here are a couple of my favourite little health & beauty honey sweeteners for you…

Beautifully Delicious Honey & Almond Butterlicious Body Butter, £4.98
Honey and almond is one of my favourite olfactory combinations. It is a rich, creamy and warming smell that lingers on your skin and dries down to a scrumptious, sugary after-scent. It is almost good enough to eat and you would be forgiven for thinking this is something that you might spread on your toast in the morning. Both honey and almond have therapeutic qualities that relax and moisturise dry legs, rough elbows and thirsty knees. Beautifully Delicious is an extremely affordable brand that uses natural extracts in its formulas. Find it in Sainsbury`s and fill your trolley!

Burt`s Bees Radiance Eye Cream, £18.59
Burt`s Bees is one of the US`s most popular natural beauty brands and its integral mantra is to only ever use natural ingredients that are made by bees or pollinated by them. Burt`s Bees have just re-launched (in beautiful vintage style packaging) their Radiance skincare range, which contains royal Jelly, one of nature’s most powerful nutrients. Royal Jelly is the honey that is produced by the bees too be fed directly to the Queen Bee (it is the caviar of honey) and as a result the queen bee lives longer and grows much larger than her loyal subjects. The amino acids, Vit C, protein and antioxidants in Royal Jelly boost the skin’s natural radiance and youthful, glowing sheen. It will also help overnight skin repair and cell renewal – especially great for dry lips. The Radiance Collection combines Royal Jelly with a selection of Botanical Oils and natural extracts to form a simple and divine smelling skincare range. I love the Radiance Eye Cream, £18.99, which de-puffs, moisturizes and brightens. Even though I am not a 100% believer in the necessity of eye creams, there is no denying that this one feels and smells good!

Manuka Honey, £19.99
It is absolutely true to say that beauty starts on the inside. There is a clear tie between nutrition and beauty. If you address your inner health, outwardly it will show. Manuka honey is a special form of honey that is produced by the bees in New Zealand that feed on the Manuka bush. It has a distinct strong flavour and is darker in colour than most honeys. It has a super high antibacterial potency and can aid both your skin on the outside and your digestion and immune system on the inside. Drink a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of Manuka honey each morning 20 minutes before you eat breakfast and wave goodbye to colds, bad skin and indigestion!

written by
Katie Service

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