Farnham Sustainable Style Group Clothes Swap Party

For a first time attempt our Clothes Swap Party on Thursday 5th March was a great success!!

The event was organised by my dear friend and ethical coat designer Eloise Grey, Paula Beaumont owner of Purity Boutique in Farnham and me!!

The idea of bringing fashionistas together to talk fashion, style and sustainability seemed like a worthwhile exercise especially in this current climate.


We all have items in our wardrobes that we don’t wear because they simply don`t fit or we just don`t know how to wear them, with most of these impulse purchases too gorgeous to throw in the charity clothing bins, so what better way than to donate them to a good home.

Our Clothes Swap Party in Farnham party kicked off at 5.30pm and everyone bought around 5 items of nearly new and mostly designer clothing with them. The anticipation of watching what came out of each shopping bag was tense but there was an excitement that filled the room, everyone started to relax and enjoyed sipping on their glasses of sparkling fizz.

All the items were hung on rails and everyone had the chance to browse and try on the items that had caught their eye, this went on for about one hour or more!! After everyone was happy with their choices the frivolous swapping began and three rounds of selecting clothes took place.

With items still left hanging on the rails a `free for all` ensured everyone got something they wanted and with items that were left over, these were donated to Liberty Foundation in Farnham along with the proceeds made on the night.

The feedback we received was great and from that we would like to organise an occasion wear clothes swap party in the not too distant future, which we think will do very well especially with wedding and racing season approaching.

Thank you for all who attended and we hope you had as much fun as we did!!


Hi Chantelle – I would like to thank you for such a nice evening. I am so pleased with the clothes I got. And thank you all for donations to Liberty Foundation … Hope to see you soon. Many thanks.
Marina Kisieliovaite

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