Susan Rosen Luxury Bikini

Our friends at Lussorian picked up on the release of this stunning bikini from Susan Rosen. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination but there’s no denying it’s uber luxurious style.


Obviously I wouldn’t recommend wearing it on a beach holiday. Retailing for $30,000,000 it might be a costly exercise losing your bikini top in the surf!

The bikini was made in conjunction with Steinmetz Diamond from over 150 carats of D Flawless diamonds and includes:

– A 51 carat D Flawless Pear Shape

– A 30 carat D Flawless Emerald Cut

– A pair of 15 carat D Flawless Rounds

– A pair of 8 carat D Flawless Pear Shapes all set in platinum

If you did ever wear this bikini it would certainly be one for the Fashion Photo Album!!.

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