Sure Maximum Protection Review

As a busy London personal stylist and personal shopper I spend most of my time in and out of shops, carrying heaps of shopping bags, travelling here there and everywhere and generally rushing round like a Fashionista fly I can honestly say I feel 100% confident about getting through any day without having to worry about my work bringing me out in a sweat.


I was asked to review the Sure Maximum Protection deodorant and as I`d always struggled (this is no lie!) to find a decent long lasting one I was eager to try it yet a little hesitant. I`ve literally tried and tested loads of deodorants from sprays to wet roll on versions and sticks throughout my life with never really much luck. However, I really feel this product came to my rescue just at the right moment, as I had started to notice my current roll on had even started to wear thin recently. With no alternative I was still using it even though it didn`t keep me dry and left me with hideous white marks on all my clothing – incredibly annoying I can tell you!

From one Fashionista to another… this really is a must-have purchase this coming season to keep you dry throughout A/W09!!


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