Supercolour Superstar

In the same way nude make-up can be brightened by the in-your-face character of bold red lipstick, so might the ongoing monochrome trend be lifted into a new realm of possibilities by the firework-worthy new range of Adidas trainers designed by Pharell Williams; superstar. A selection of 50 colours, all various shades, that catch the eye and imagination like a scattering of precious jewels on the webpage; to show off anyone’s individual passion for colour and style. Just how scary could it be to step out of the traditional retro white trainer or more practical black shoe when faced with such an array of choice? We’ve had a go at pairing some of the boldest and more subtle shades of the superstar with outfits for all occasions. Consider us your Dulux chart of footwear!

Colourful Threads

The Rules: Most of the time it’s quite hard not to comply with the rules of “matching”. Naturally, we look for colours and shades that are close to each-other on the spectrum for outfits. In recent years, however, it’s become more fun to mess this up. Feel free to combine any colours you like. Your favourite colours will bring out the best in you and therefore, your outfit. Skin tone and hair colour can have an impact on which colours suit you the best but never be afraid to experiment with colours that might not be the obvious “suitors”.

Yellows: Light shades that make you think of sunshine are good for all year round. Yellow looks summery and warm on a slightly darker skin-tone or with brown or black hair; while giving spring time freshness to lighter skin and pale hair. For a natural outfit try florals and light blue jeans or dress. For a more modern look, pair with the monochrome trend.

Greens: As the ultimate natural colour, green goes with everything (as proven by leaves). Light greens will have a fresh look with any skin tone, especially when paired with vibrant prime colours. Darker greens might be more practical for festivals as they will go with any dress (a theory proven by wellies) and will hide mud splatters.

Blues: An occasionally misunderstood colour, blue can be just as lightening as yellow. Light blue can be paired with darker blues for a washed denim effect to your outfit; while dark blues can be used in a more formal way with black, or a Parisian effect with red and white.

The Pharrell Williams Colour Chart

Purples: Possibly everyone’s favourite colour at one time, purple is great for being feminine in lighter shades and more androgynous as it gets darker. Awesome with denim of all degrees and goes with pretty much every other colour on the spectrum- just look at Cadbury wrappers if you don’t believe it.

Pinks: The stereotypical feminine colour, pink can actually be incredibly powerful with the right look. Pairing with black will make the brightness of the pink stand out with kick-ass style and the added bonus of matching your trainers to your lipstick. Darker shades look great with jungle colours and the floral trend.

Reds: The ultimate prime colour, it can be difficult to know which other colours to pair it with. Never fear! Blue is always a good match, adding a Parisian feel. Yellow will warm up the red for a flame-inspired palette while greens and purples will tune the red down a notch to its more natural roots (think roses in full bloom). Another excellent opportunity to match feet and lips for extra impact.

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