Skirts or Dresses Over Jeans?

Hi Chantelle

This season layering is huge and I have fallen in love with it. I would love to try out a skirt over my jeans but am unsure how to pull it off without looking silly. What type of skirts go with what type of jeans? Any advice helpful. Sarah Mcool – by email


Thank you so much for your email.

I am glad you are liking this look as I too have fallen in love with layering this season. This look is so easy to do but I would be hesitant about wearing skirts over jeans. One of the things you don’t want to do is cut your body up too much. By wearing a skirt over jeans your body is essentially cut off at the waist, below the skirt hem and jeans hem so therefore if your short then you will end up looking even shorter.

One item that does look great over jeans are dresses. How to wear the length of the dress will depend on your height so if your tall and if you have slim thighs then you can wear dresses which finish both above the knee or below the knee. If your short however (like me) and your legs aren’t your best asset then opt for a length which hangs below the knee. Another tip is to go for an a-line shaped dress as this will flatter the body more than a clingy little number.

The great thing about wearing dresses over jeans is that you can experiment with what you wear underneath it. This season you can wear pretty much anything underneath the dress from a long sleeve cotton T to a fine knit cardigan or sweater.

I hope this advice helps. Please let me know how you get on with recreating this look.

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