Size zero models are fueling the rise in eating disorders!

Why are we all so infatuated with size zero models? They look disgusting, guys don`t find them attractive in the slightest and worst of all – what sort of message are they sending to teenagers who are having a hard enough time growing up as it is! How irresponsible of the designers and their media to promote it.

Do you really want to look like something out of a concentration camp?!

I was so relieved to hear that Miss UK 2008 is in fact a size 16, curvy, beautiful and hopefully extremely happy with herself. I just hope this is the trend for the future… before we have any more teenage girls hospitalised for trying to copy the bony sticks on the catwalk.

In fact, to Professor Janet Treasure of the Eating Disorders Research Unit at Kings College London recently carried out a study that has proven that unrelenting exposure to pictures of thin women reduced self-esteem, especially among teenage girls.

Professor Treasure says that evidence from 25 research studies shows that this effect was strongest in adolescents – and in people who valued thinness. Being underweight has serious repercussions, Treasure adds, disrupting growth and brain development and leading to fertility problems and brittle bone disease, while eating disorders are often fatal and can lead to other addictions such as drugs and alcohol.

If you have an eating disorder or simply want to talk to someone about it then please get in contact with Cygnet Health Care.

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