Sex And The City Movie Must-see!

IT`S been one of the most eagerly anticipated movies in recent years and now its finally here! I went to see Sex And The City last night and trust me, the film lives up to its hype!


It`s got laughter, tears and a whole lotta style – just what you`d expect for the big screen version.

I don`t want to give anything away about the plot but it`s definitely worth giving you a heads up on the outfits to look out for.

There`s an amazing scene where Carrie`s trying on loads of couture bridal gowns, including a gorgeous one by Vivienne Westwood and a striking Lacroix. There are some amazing going out dresses in the film, particularly the white mini dress with the huge flower corsage (apparently it`s a vintage gown which stylist, Patricia Field, adapted especially for the film), and this cute pink shift dress which is teamed with a set of pearls.

Even the casual outfits in the film look amazing and the supporting cast look just as good as SJP herself. Charlotte fans will love the blue and white prom dress she wears towards the end of the film and fans of the body-con look will not be disappointed with Samantha`s extensive wardrobe of stunning dresses in bold colours.

A big theme in the styling was belted waists and heels played a big part as even Miranda wears them with her swimming costume, even though she can`t be bothered to wax her bikini line.

If you`re looking for a bit of fashion inspiration and a good time, make sure you head to the cinema this weekend, rather than the shops.

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