Scrubly Jubly Lips from LUSH

When I look for practical cosmetics – I have to admit LUSH is not always my first port of call. The intoxicating and delicious smell that oozes out of LUSH stores places the brand in my mind somewhere in between the realms of florist and grocery. So when I go out looking for skincare essentials for my make-up artist kit it is not normally my first port of call.


BUT, and this is a big mind changing, perspective altering but, this week I had a bit of an epiphany moment. I have been searching for what now seems like an eternity for a good lip scrub to use on both myself and models on my shoots. All too often, the application of a lipstick is ruined by the model having dry, chapped lips and what should be a perfect red lip ends up cakey and rough. I have discovered that a good lip scrub is hard to come by, as many scrubs are either too oil based and leave lips too greasy or they are two abrasive leaving lips swollen and raw.

My epiphany moment came when I received the new LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub through the post. Like all LUSH products the scrub is a fresh handmade formula and is made with castor sugar on a base of various natural oils (organic jojoba, tagetes and peppermint oil.) The castor sugar is coarse enough to knock off flaky dead skin and then the Vanilla extract, which is my favourite scent of all time, locks moisture into your lips. Soothing peppermint oil not only tastes refreshing but relieves any abrasion from over-zealous scrubbing. This is a highly effective product and I recommend it to professionals and non-professionals alike. Plus at a tiny £4.50 this is a make-up kit essential. I will certainly be doing a few more detours into LUSH from now on!

LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub, £4.50

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Katie Service

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