Sarah’s Whooga Ugg Boots Review: Part 2

I am a huge fan of the traditional UGG Australia boots and I don`t know what I`d do without my faithful long pair that live by the back door for the daily dog walks and the short pair in my car ready to relieve my feet from the strain of the office heels. With this in mind I was excited but slightly pessimistic about trying another Ugg brand, Whooga.

Any negativity was soon erased when I received my new short chestnut boots. The cut and design was very similar to the UGG Australia boots I know and love, but if anything they have even more fleece lining making them extremely comfortable. I ordered a size 5 (my usual shoe size) and at first they seemed a bit tight, but after breaking them in around the house they seemed to loosen a little and now they fit perfectly.

Classic Short Ugg Boots. Price: £ 67.00.
Colours available: Chesnut, Chocolate, Black, Grey, Pink, Violet and Sand.

The first day I wore them I treated them briefly with some suede protection spray and headed out into town. The great British weather did what it does best and I got caught in a very heavy downpour. Needless to say my boots got soaked and I feared that they would be ruined.

My other Uggs haven`t worn well in the rain but within half an hour my Whooga boots had returned to their original chestnut colour and looked as good as new. I was really impressed and have since worn them more than any other footwear I own!

I would rate these boots as a great alternative to the UGG Australia range and they are certainly on a par in terms of comfort and durability, they just perhaps don`t quite have the kudos of the established and universally recognised UGG Australia brand… yet at least!

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