Romina Karamanea Autumn/Winter 10-11

by Amy Reid, Fashion Stylist, TopStylista

Along with Autumn/Winter 2010 comes another fantastic collection from designer Romina Karamanea. Held at the appropriately named Runway club in London, Romina K unveiled her incredible autumn/winter look. Inspired by the concept of shadow and duality the show had a dark, Gothic theme with each outfit designed in black, showcasing heavy fabrics and multiple textures.


Leather and tweed provided the basis of the look and saw Romina sticking with her classic body conscious silhouette. Unlike previous collections we saw the addition of a more fluid, unstructured element giving an elegant and romantic feel, adding a softer dynamic. This was highlighted perfectly with a boxy leather jacket paired with sheer wide legged trousers, adding that romantic element.

Keen to portray the image of a strong modern women we saw fitted and tailored leather skirt suits with tweed panelling. The addition of spiked and studded ankle boots added a modern, funky edge to a classic work outfit.

For the evening a long, black chiffon dress is given an edgy twist with leather pleated chains and a cropped leather and wool jacket, or a more daring leather and suede mini dress. Perfect for the cold winter months were a selection of classic wool coats given a modern edge with leather detailing.

It is clear that overall Romina has achieved her vision of creating an innovative and exciting look tailored for the sexy modern woman!!

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