Rita Rakus London Lip Queen Collection

Amongst the ladies that lunch in Knightsbridge there is a well kept secret : Rita Rakus. Those in the know have been squeezing in a visit to this beauty guru in between their Harrods shopping sprees, claiming their youthful radiance is down to good genetics. No such luck. It`s down to an expert eye and some brilliant beauty science.

Known in the industry as London`s lip queen, Rita has been tweaking the rich and famous for over 15 years. Want Angeline Jolie pout? Check. Baby smooth skin? No problem. Fancy erasing those worry lines? Sorted. Bust that cellulite for Summer? Done.


Some scary sounding words are listed on her website (Collagen, Restylane, Juvederm, Fraxel to name but a few) so she`s to date on all that latest beauty wizardry – but don`t let the science put you off. These are tried and tested procedures and Rita has more testimonials and letters after her name that Carrie Bradshaw has designer shoes. In fact if you want to look SJP fabulous in time for the next film you`d do well to book in a revamp here. Simply by applying a muscle relaxant she`ll wipe away a frown, there is no need to go under a knife.

The A list glow has won her a loyal following amongst the beauty editors and everyone from the Tatler to the Times has sat in her elegant townhouse waiting room. Small wonder make up manufacturer Cosmetics a la carte tracked Rita down. The team have set up a po up shop designed to provide her clients with a tailored cosmetic finishing service. Visitors will receive a make up consultation on how to achieve a flawless finish and be able to choose a special Rakus lip stick, stain or plumper. I tried the primer one that gave a bee stung Bardot boost to a winter chapped mouth. For more information on Rita, the comestics a la Carte range and as Jennifer Aqnniston might say `the scienc` see the Lip Queen’s website.

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