Ren Skincare – salon skincare products at their best!

Ren Skincare is a brand of skincare products that is truly going places. Their products are positively refreshing and completely free of the normal toxins that make up skincare products.

We recently reviewed a few of the products and discovered the joys of Ren for ourselves with skin feeling fresher, silkier and strangely enough holding the gorgeous fragrances for longer than most other products we`ve tried in the past.

Recently we`ve been a huge fan of Transformulas skincare but we can definitely say that Ren Skincare outperforms in every way.

We recommend:

Stage 1 – Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil – £26

Stage 2 – Ginger, Revivo-Tonic Two Sugar Body Scrub – £22.50

Stage 3 – Damask Rose Ramnose Biosaccharide Body Cream – £24.50

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