Recommended Summer Holiday Shopping List.

The idea of this capsule holiday wardrobe is mix and match items so that you will never be seen in the same two outfits on holiday. If you can stick to this rough list you will have more room in your suitcase to bring back even more clothes and holiday souvenirs!

2 x Bikinis
3 x Dresses (1 x Daytime / 2 x Evening)
1 x Pair of shorts
10 x Vest tops (4 x Daytime / 6 x Evening)
1 x Denim item
1 x Tracksuit (for travelling in)
2 x Flip flops
1 x Evening Sandals/Heels
2 x Kaftans
4 x Skirts (2 x Daytime / 2 x Evening)
1 x Wrap

(I have based this shopping list on a two week beach holiday in Asia, this may obviously differ if you are incorporating more sightseeing or city breaks into your holiday)

A good tip is to roll items up instead of folding them into your suitcase, you will save time on ironing when you get there and it is a good space saver. Good luck and happy holidays!!

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