Recession Fashion Tips

The UK fashion industry has led the way in design for many years, and despite the current recession seeing some household names disappear from the High Street, the fashion industry is not feeling the effects, unlike other sectors. Many of us are making cut backs in our consumer behaviour, spending less on luxury items and focussing on necessities. However, we can still manage to follow changing fashion trends and update our wardrobes without spending the earth.

By shopping out of season, for example, it is possible to buy a bargain designer fashion item of great quality that will stand the test of time, at a reasonable price. Buying quality clothes may not sound good economic sense. However, rather than buying cheap clothes that are up to the minute and more likely to go out of fashion quickly, a more expensive and well made fashion item will give you more for your money, particularly if you choose a classic design. Another way of spending less on fashion is to select something already in your wardrobe such as a skirt, jacket or boots, and build your new collection around it. Buy coordinating or contrasting tops and jackets to wear with the skirt, brightly coloured or textured tights to match the boots, and wide legged trousers to pair with the jacket.

Another way of updating the collection in your wardrobe is to accessorise. A funky pair of earrings and necklace can add new life to last year`s outfits, and a carefully select bag will have the same effect. A great place to pick up a bargain is in a designer outlet, where last season`s collection may be sold cheaply to make space for newer ranges. With many fashion shops feeling the recession to a certain extent, some have ongoing sale racks in their stores, where you will find unbelievable reductions on items that you could not otherwise afford. Charity shops are benefiting greatly from the economic downturn as many fashion followers look to their second hand clothing racks. Oxfam have many M&S Per Una clothing rails as well as a huge selection of vintage and retro fashion, shoes and bags. You can even pick up some silver or gold jewellery, evening dresses and winter coats at ridiculously cheap prices. A brilliant way to extend your wardrobe is to invite your friends to a clothes swap party, where you all bring an unwanted fashion item and exchange it for some treasure that someone else has provided. This way you find cheap designer fashion and have a fun night with your friends.

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