Prom Dress To Party In!

Hi Chantelle,

I would like to know if you can help me with a big problem I have. I am finding it very dificult to find a prom dress for my high school prom. I’m not very tall and not so thin. I am looking for a dress that makes me look like a top model or a real celebrity with a lot of glamour.

I hope that you can help …


Thank you so much for your email.

Your fashion agony is obviously hard to answer because I don’t know your actual size but I have found a brand called igigi which have some superb Hollywood-esque occasion dresses – perfect for your prom!

They are sparkly and glamourous and I have hand-picked two for you which I really like (I hope you do too).

There are a few tips which I can give you when you are looking for your dress. Keep the design and fabric simple, if you try and wear too much detail you will end up looking cluttered in your overall appearance, especially if you are on the shorter side. People will see the dress your wearing first and not you …

Stick to one colour as opposed to a pattern design as this will help heighten your overall appearance and look at buying a pair of shoes that match the colour of your dress – again, this make you look taller.

A pashmina or delicate shawl is a good idea just in case it gets a little colder in the evening and this is also a good way to conceal your upper arms if you are a little shy to expose.

One way to personalise your dress is by adding some dramatic accessories in the way of a choker or long, sheer gloves.

Good luck with the tips and enjoy the prom!

Shimmering Dress with Shawl in Liquid Turquoise – $159.00

Satin Gown in Navy with Matching Shawl – $185.00

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