Product Of The Month – OP Therapy skincare

As of Spring 2010 there`s a new luxury skincare brand about town, all the way from Down Under in fact, and it`s called OP Therapy Skincare.

The products are one of the only 100% Australian, native made and owned ranges and were created and developed by Alexandra Olsson, whose passion for natural healthcare led to the conception of a healing, nourishing and regenerative range of treatments combining emu oil and natural herbal plant extracts.

We were recently introduced to the range through AmaZing PR who have been synonymous with successful beauty product launches in the UK.

What`s quite remarkable about the products is that they contain some rather unusual (to us Northern Hemisphere bunch) ingredients, that are said to have natural healing elements.


The key points to these products are:

• Natural and potent anti-inflammatory properties.
• Reducing irritation in eczema and psoriasis.
• Moisturising and nourishing qualities. However, unlike other oils, will not clog up the pores of the skin or cause acne.
• Research has shown that it could be effective in reducing signs of aging.
• Because the emu oil molecule is so similar in size to the human skin molecule, it is a very effective penetrating oil, making it an excellent trans-dermal carrier for other therapeutic ingredients.

We tried two of the scrubs, the Pineapple and Papaya Sea Salt Scrub and the Cinnamon & Lime Body Scrub – now the first thing that hits you is the quality of the brand and packaging… then the delicious flavours. Good sized tubs so plenty of product to go round.

We also got some hand cream with Emu Oil. It had a very natural odour and was beautifully thick so you don`t need much to keep your hands moist. They leave your skin feeling really silky.

Finally we tried the Body Hydrator with Emu oil. How does that work I hear you say? Well, it`s ideal for rough or dry skin – thanks to the Emu oil, which is said to have restorative powers and incredibly good moisturising qualities, you simply pat your skin dry and massage the Body Hydrator all over paying more attention to dryer and rougher areas. You simply let it dry and then reapply throughout the day when you can. It`s left me feeling completely refreshed and my skin is noticeably smoother.

Overall… 9/10 for the products, really pleasant to look at, smell and use and one of the best moisturisers we`ve found to date.

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