Pixie Cuts and Crops

Vanessa Hudgens has become the latest celeb to opt for a short pixie crop and she is certainly in good company. It seems that the pixie crop is having a bit of a fashion resurgence, with the likes of Emma Watson, Evan Rachel Wood, Carey Mulligan and Frankie from the Saturday’s all sporting shorter cropped looks. Even Halle Berry and Helen Mirren have all experimented with short locks, proving that the style can look good, whatever your age.

The look is a very dramatic one but it can suit women of all ages and is really a fuss free do. The look does suit people with fine features best but even those with more defined features can create a dramatic crop with a fab colour that will draw the eye to the hair and not your prominent features.



However, it is important to get advice from your hairdresser as a crop will suit any face shape, you just have to find the right style for your face. A good hairdresser will be able to advice you of the best look to go for.
Despite being so short, pixie cuts are actually incredibly versatile as you can style it up in a number of ways, as well as mixing the look up with a cute fringe or playing with texture.

What’s more, it is also very easy to style, you can either work with you hair’s natural textures and literally rough dry it, add some product and go for bed hair chic. Or for something a little bit more styled you can use your ghd straighteners to perfect a sleek look. However, the standard IV styler may be a bit cumbersome for short hair, so it is probably to opt for a mini IV styler, which has slimmer plates so is perfect for shorter hair.

Using the mini IV styler you can work it through sections of the hair to create lots of texture. Using the stylers to create flicks is also a great way of working the look. Of course using the mini styler on a fringe means it always looks good too. Enjoy!

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