Be Creative and Design your Own Unique Sportswear on Nike ID

Nike ID is a website created by Nike which is dedicated to the fashion consious.

I discovered this site last year and absolutely love it! The website enables the user to design and customise their favourite Nike training shoes and sport attire. This is one of my favourite websites, it is such a novel invention and everyone should have a go at designing their own shoes! I even saw this website previewed on MTV recently, a well-known rapper actually went into the New York store and he wastaken through the same process with a Nike representive. It really goes to show that this is a `must-have` experience.

The website is really well designed – true Nike style. The instructions are easy to follow and the shoe build is split into simple categories; style, shoe size (US, EU and UK), colour and even personalisation! You would think that the price of the trainers would be extensive but the fact is that it costs literally the same as if you bought them in a sporting outlet. If you can be patient and wait the 3-4 week turn-around time then I would totally recommend this unique service. Customise your own footwear, bags, balls and watches.

Have some fun and be creative on NIKE ID! Design your own trainers and submit them to my site.

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