Nubar`s Vineyard Collection! The Nail Lacquer from LA that Mischa Barton Loves!

In keeping with this seasons Purple trend we`ve discovered some vampy red, deep purples, shimmery amethyst, vibrant plums and wine coloured nail lacquers, which are beautiful in every way! The colours are stunning and the consistency is just right so no unnecessary dripping.


Nubar`s Vineyard collection says it all; with these nail lacquers favourites of Mischa Barton and Jessica Simpson they definitely have the positive thumbs up from these two celebs.

However, if darker hues aren`t your thing Nubar has released the `Liquid Metal Collection` which we would recommend trying the metallic gold (Nubar`s Heavy Gold Glitter) with grey gunmetal silver and violet subtle shimmers (Nubar`s Impulsive Silver or Erratic Purple).

Inject some additional personality into you`re autumn/winter wardrobe by combining these nail colours with your stunning new accessories, which will give you an innate sense of style just worn peeping out from Christian Louboutin open toed pumps! I can recommend my absolute must-buy colours in Hot Pink and Pasandena Purple, which perfectly suit the TopStylista company brand colours!

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