Nintendo Wii EA Active Personal Trainer Review

I always feel happier and healthier after a good workout, but am not always in the mood to go to the gym and spend out a load of money. The EA Active Personal Trainer for the Wii is a great, fun way to workout in the comfort of your own home.


The workout features a wide range of exercises to help you tone, and all round, make you feel better in yourself. I always build up a sweat after each session which targets your upper and lower body. Not only do you get the disc which features the workout, but the pack also includes a specially-designed leg strap that holds the Wii Nunchuk controller to track your lower body movements and a resistance band to support a number of upper body strength training exercises.


I`ve just recently finished my 30 Day Challenge which is featured on the EA Active Personal Trainer, and I have to say it actually works! Each day offers a different workout and it helps you reach your goals with the guidance and support of a virtual trainer. Each exercise is explained carefully and clearly, and your trainer offers you feedback and encouragement throughout. After every workout I felt like I`d actually had a really good exercise and wanted to carry on. My boyfriend even noticed the newly gained muscle and definition in my arms! It gets my heart pumping every time and even shows me how many calories I`m burning which spurs me on to work harder. I can adjust the intensity levels and choose the type of music I want to work out to. Utter genius!

A definite must-have for Fashionistas who can`t get to the gym regularly and it’s a lot cheaper too! Fans of the amazing EA Active Personal Trainer already include Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton. So for a fitter healthier you it`s a worthy investment.

The EA Active Personal Trainer is priced at £44.99 and is available at all major retailers.

Now although I`m exercising at home, I still like to look good even if no one can see me! A comfortable and fashionable set of workout clothes always makes me feel the part and I`ve come across a great organic street wear brand called THTC. They have collaborated with Good One to introduce brand new b-girl style track pants which are made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Women`s charity Good One recycle end of season `dead stock` and turn it in to cutting edge designs. So not only will you look good when working out, you`ll be helping out the environment too! The track pants come in three base colours – Black, Grey and Sky Blue – and each pair has a vibrantly coloured trim in recycled fabric. These super cute pieces are bound to keep you comfortable.

Knee-Length Hemp Track Pants, £40

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