New Upcoming Designers at London Fashion Week!

London Fashion Week isn`t just about championing our most loved well-known top designers in the industry. It`s also about welcoming and admiring the new upcoming talent of the fashion world.

I love stumbling across a fabulous new designer whose clothes I love! But it makes a rather nice change to see something new and inspiring. Don`t get me wrong, I`m still a major fan of my favourite designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Anna Sui and Stella McCartney but I think it`s amazing when up and coming designers get the recognition they deserve.

Seeing new collections may also help you to create your own Fashionista style for spring!

Two designers presenting their collections at London Fashion Week are Aminaka Wilmont and Yunus & Eliza. Aminaka`s SS10 designs are simply gorgeous! Hand-printing and inventive fabric manipulation is used to add a unique edge to the feminine draping designs.


Yunus & Eliza`s jewellery is the most breathtakingly unique pieces I`ve seen in a long time. Influenced by fairytale and the surreal, all the collections are hand-made through every step of the process. The intricate details are amazing and so beautiful.


The Welsh Designers Collective is also taking place during London Fashion Week. It`s a chance for three young designers to present their collections for the very first time. They are Emma Griffiths – Couture, Elinor Franklin – Ready to wear and Josie Beckett. Supported by The Welsh Assembly Government will give these designers a fabulous platform to showcase their talents and to show the fashion world what they`re made of!

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