New Season Hero Pieces

As spring is well and truly here (keep your fingers crossed) it’s time to shop the best the high street and online stores have to offer for the season from fresh floral designs to cool denim updates and culottes, the answer to a skirt alternative, to bright zesty colours you’ll be caught up in a dreamy fashion haze from pure excitement.

It must be a challenge to reinterpret florals every spring/summer, but somehow designers and high street labels never fail to amaze and entice us with their never-ending botanical fashions.  3D blooms are taking centre stage at the moment and are your answer to beautiful embellishment and ornate detailing.


Floral Dress, £80.00 from River Island

Many women may shy away from culottes, deeming them ‘uncool’ or ‘unflattering’ but these comfy style staples are actually rather appealing and will make a lovely fresh change from a skirt.  They’ve got huge style potential, so can be taken in a smart directional style for the office or will work amazingly well during hot sunny days.


Jenna Culotte, £85.00 from Hobbs

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