Neom Luxury Organics Candles in Serenity & Sumptuous

Neom Luxury Organics candles are, self admittedly, an extravagance, a luxury item. But unlike most pricey extravagances, there is an enormous degree of quality in them compared to other scented candles of their price range. Those who know their candles will immediately and instinctively pick up on this. For those who don`t, I shall expand.


Most scented candles are made from paraffin wax, the most basic and readily available wax on the market. Neom Luxury Organics decided to forgo ease and budget in creating their candle and only employed organic certified vegetable wax and a high concentration of essential oils in their candles so that they burn cleanly with no nasty black soot. Not a trace of synthetic chemicals or paraben is to be found and there is no risk of toxins being released into the air on burning, so you really can relax and breathe in the beautiful aromas they give off.

This month, Neom Luxury Organics are adding 2 new scents to their family tree of 10 stunning fragrances: Serenity & Sumptuous. `Serenity` has sugary notes of my favourite comfort smell vanilla and is an olfactory sensation of sweetness and woody sandlewood. This candle will charm and relax you with its gentle warmth. `Sumptuous` is a candle for those who have a more romantic nose. A base of Rose substantiates this fragrance with light and delicate top notes of Neroli that shine through when it is lit. Elegant and refined this candle is a true girly indulgence.

`Serenity & Sumptuous` both have the Neom signature triple wick and are twice the size of most scented candles, meaning you can enjoy the atmosphere they bring to your desk, living room or bathtub for weeks longer!

Neom Luxury Organics new fragrances Serenity & Sumptuous £35 each.

written by
Katie Service

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