My Urban Decay Body Balm And Scrub Pampering Experience!

I have decided to share with you my Urban Decay pampering experience, it was total bliss and I didn`t even have to leave my own house… it`s one I can definitely recommend!

Urban Decay Sparkly Sweet Body Balm
Normal price: £15.00 Beauty Counter Direct price: £7.50
Save: 50% off RRP


Hmmmmm is all I can say – Christmas has come early! I slather my body with Vaseline each time I get out of the bath, which is everyday! But what can I say. This body balm is a dream, I tested it first on my arm and then licked it… Trust me girls this is the one! Not only does this give you a blessed shimmer but it has a sweet and sensual taste. Not only is it great to look at, smell and taste, it`s worth every penny in my book.

Urban Decay Joe Glow Body Scrub
Normal price: £16.00 Beauty Counter Direct price: £5.50
Save: 66% off RRP


The smell of this scrub was not really to my liking but the scrub wasn`t too bad at all. I slathered this on my problem areas just before getting in the shower, the back of my feet, knees and scars that need a little helping hand now and again. I jumped in the shower to reveal a silky more scrubbed up me.

Conclusion: My favourite product out of the two was definitely the body balm, which I can`t wait to use more of!

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