My Tips on How To Spend Less and Still Look Fabulous!

I truly believe you really don`t have to spend a huge amount on clothes to look fabulous. It`s all about being clever with your purchases, settling for quality, not quantity, knowing how to wear something and put together outfits that work for you. By sticking to these rules you definitely won`t burn a hole in your wallet and you`ll feel fabulous for it!


Know your budget and stick to it. No matter how big or small your budget is, its important to shop within your means and keep your bank balance plain sailing.

Once you`ve given your wardrobe a seasonal makeover write a shopping list to prepare for what you need to shop for next and consider the items you need to complete your uncompleted outfits.

Do think quality and spend out more on larger, more noticeable items. If you buy less each month to get the quality you need then do it. Be a savvy shopper by cutting back on buying lots of cheaper items, instead go for a couple of quality pieces that will last longer and won`t date so quickly.

Keep track of the high street and online mid season sales to ensure you receive discounted shopping throughout the year. Make a note of your favourite items and where you`ve seen them so that when sale time hits you know exactly where to head without wasting any time.

Register on private sale websites, as this is a great route into high-end designer heaven at a fraction of the cost.

Happy shopping …

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