My Little Beauty App Review

`My Little Beauty” is a smartphone application that is designed to appeal to girls from 8 upwards, who are interested in fashion and beauty, and wish to channel this into something fun and creative.

The app encourages players to consider styles, looks and colours, and then take part in simple mini games, based on these considerations. The application has been developed by My Little Beauty, a mobile beauty company, who are looking to tap into the application market.

It is a game in which you are asked to run a beauty parlour, from your mobile beauty van, and to match styles and colours for incoming clients. On first look, the game is well made, graphically quite enticing and perfectly for the little girls (there is a LOT of pink on show)!

The game itself is very simple – the first stage of the game asks you to select the colour and style of nails, to match an image on the screen (as seen below).


You then have to match as many colours and styles as possible, in less than one minute. The colours you have are only red, blue and yellow – this you are required to mix colours to achieve the non-primary colours. For example, you will have to pick a nail style, and then mix blue and yellow to make green. This seems like an engaging way of getting little ones to develop their awareness of colours and how they are composed. Throughout the rest of the game you then have to combine colours and styles for dresses, hair and other items.

There are also helpful beauty tips, which pop up at the beginning of each section of the game – this is quite a nice little touch and a good one for young budding beauticians.

This game seems a good start for developing logical thinking in your young ones and should get their cogs whirring. For more information go to:

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