My biggest fashion faux pas

I don`t know why I`m sharing this with you – maybe its some sort of subconsious therapy in a bid to permanently dislodge it from my memory, but I want to tell you about my worst fashion disaster.


You know those moments when you open up the photos of a party you went to a week ago and realise you spent the night looking like trash incarnate? Yep, that`s me.

It was a big night for my band as we were preparing to support one of the X Factor finalists in a series of gigs at a venue in our hometown.

Great, we thought, let`s go all out and look super hot! Who`s the hottest girlband around at the moment, maybe we could take some style advice from them?

After a swift bit of research the night before, we decided we should take inspiration from uber-hotties, The Pussycat Dolls and try to recreate the look from their Buttons video. You can`t go wrong with black can you? Yes you can!

I think it was Carmit’s look I was trying to recreate – the intentions were all good, black hotpants teamed with a black poloneck jumper so as not to show off too much skin. I slipped on a pair of boots and some black tights in fear of showing too much leg and strutted on stage.

The gig went well but it wasn`t until I opened up the newspaper the next day that the extent of my fashion faux-pas was discovered. I looked at our photo and staring back at me was a picture of my two bandmates stood next to what was essentially a ‘floating head’!

I`d failed to realise before going on stage that I was in black from head to toe, with only my face and hands breaking up the colour. Add to that the fact I had my long, black hair down and was standing in front of a black background and I looked ridiculous!

The moral of this story? Well, obviously don`t wear head to toe black if you have black hair and are standing in front of a black background! But more importantly, we all make fashion mistakes and while they may be cringe-worthy at first, at least we can look back and learn from them (and have a good laugh in the process)!

What was your worst fashion disaster? Leave your stories in the comments section.

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