Multiplunge Wonderbra

Many women struggle to match the right bra to the right outfit. Now, those clever people at Wonderbra have designed a push up bra that can be worn in at least 100 different ways. Quite a handy option during the Christmas Party season!


Retailing for £26 ($48) in sizes ranging from 32A to 36DD it’s a product that fits most women’s requirements.

How does it work?

The bra incorporates three extendable straps which can be hooked onto a system of eyelets in any combination. This offers a variety of different options which can be altered to wear with halterneck, low cut, cross backed, strapless tops and dresses. Another interesting aspect is that the join is transparent plastic which resolves the issue of wearing slightly more revealing outfits.

Unfortunately, the initial release will only be in black, but you can bet on the range growing should the Multiplunge become a success.

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