Massage away your wrinkles with L`Oreal Paris Collagen Micro-Vibration Eye

Way back in 2003, L`Oreal launched one of the UK`s most popular anti-aging skincare ranges. Back then it was called `Wrinkle Decrease` and since it has come to be known as the `Collagen Re-Plumper` range. Nowadays, due to increased media attention, brands like L`Oreal can use Buzz words such as `collagen` in their ranges and be sure that this will spark the interest of thousands, if not millions of consumers.


Around about 50% of skincare products are tailored specifically towards eye care and anti-aging eye creams have high standards to live up to. The three main eye menaces that these lotions and potions aim to eradicate are dark circles, bags and wrinkles. Dark circles are linked to emotional and physical fatigue. Wrinkles develop around the eyes as the skin is particularly thin in that area and dries out faster as it ages. Bags are due to gravitational shifting of the fat tissues around and under your eyes and are also due to impaired lymphatic drainage, most commonly caused by less blood circulation around the eye area.

Treatments such as face lifts, brow lifts, fillers and botox have been in heavy demand from plastic surgeons in past years but the average Josephine on the street a) can`t afford such treatments and b) would most likely prefer to reach out to less invasive measures. Cue L`Oreal Paris and their 2 step Collagen Micro-Vibration Eye.

Step 1 is an anti- dark circle and anti-wrinkle cream. In appearance the cream does have a slight reflective glow that will lighten up dark circles for an instant aesthetic effect. Long term, it contains collagen biospheres to smoothen out crow`s feet and a peptido complex to combat dark circles. The results from L`Oreal`s colometry and fringe protection tests showed that dark circles were reduced by 10.1% and the appearance of wrinkles by 8%. These may not sound like big figures but as I was assured at the launch, any brand that claims anything above a 15% improvement is claiming the impossible or just plain magic!

Step two is the fun part! On one end of the cream is a vibrating massage appliance designed to encourage lymphatic drainage and to target those tiresome bags. You can either use the massager at certain pulse points under the eye or give yourself a smoothing massage treatment that redirects stagnant fluids to evacuation points around the eye.

L`Oreal suggests that you use the Collagen Micro-Vibration Eye twice a day – it can easily be inserted into your daily skincare regime. But just incase, like me you get a bit addicted to carrying it around with you for desk-side under-eye massages, fear not, the battery life has an extra long shelf life which promise to last as long as the cream does!

Collagen Micro-Vibration Eye, £16.99, will be available exclusively from Boots from mid May.

written by
Katie Service

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