Maison Francis Kurkdjian Brings The Fun Back into Fragrance

written by
Katie Service

I am so obsessed with fragrance and perfume that I often forget that they are not always part of everyone`s beauty regime. Many women just don`t get excited by fragrance on the same level that they do with, say, lipstick or eyeshadow. Many of you probably don`t see the fun in scent and probably find the fragrance world too cluttered with celebrity endorsements and generic ingredient combinations.


Last week I discovered the fragrance that might just flick some switches for those who find fragrance tedious. Maison Francis Kurkdjian has created a line of rather unusual fragrances that come in the form of Bubbles! Les Bulles D`Agathe are inspired by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian`s neice Agatha and are part of his attempt to escape the constraints of the modern fragrance world.

Not only is the idea of blowing bubbles wonderfully childlike and enchanting but the smell of his new fragrance will take you right back to you days as a kid in your local sweetshop munching on sugary Parma Violets. Aside from the new scent Violette, the collection also contains Pear, Cold Mint and Cut Herbs, all of which can be experienced in Kurkdjian`s world-famous bubble exhibitions at the Chateau of Versailles.

Les Bulles D`Agathe – Violette – scented bubbles £15, exclusively at Liberty

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