L`Oréal Launch their First British Mascara: Volume Million Lashes!

L`Oréal has always been partial to a bit of market research, one of the things that I love about them, and at their latest Volume Million Mascara launch I was informed that women in the UK have very specific mascara needs and wants. In fact so specific that L`Oréal, the global organisation, has decided to create a mascara just for us, the British!


A whopping 94% of women in the UK buy into mascara per year. Two out of three women think that mascara is the most important make-up product that they own. 5 mascaras are sold in the UK per SECOND! Aside from fascinating but very believable statistics L`Oréal discovered in their research that British women want a mascara that instantly thickens, separates and lengthens lashes in one quick swipe, as opposed to more laid back European women who prefer to spend longer layering their mascara for a thicker effect.

Cue L`Oréal`s new question: `Why just volumize when you can millionize?” May 2010 will see the launch of a product to answer all of British women`s mascara prayers: L`Oréal Volume Million Lashes. L`Oréal believe that creating their own mascara wand is as important as creating their own formulas. Under the direction of the `Wand Wizard” Jean-Louis Guéret they have created a moulded polymer brush, a hybrid that has evolved from the traditional bristle brush. The new brush head tapers in at both the neck and the tip for improved vision and has a flexible structure designed to give the wand more impact on the lashes. The bottle itself contains an excess wiper that won`t crush the wand bristles when used, thus avoiding clogs and clumping.

Polly Osmond, L`Oréal Paris UK`s make-up artist, explained the advantages of the Volume Million Mascara in terms of artistry. She says that Volume Million Mascara`s revolutionary wiper packaging and wand removes the need to comb through lashes with a clean brush after applying mascara as lashes are instantly perfect.

Volume Million Lashes is also well suited to the up and coming fashion trends this year. Ideal for recreating Spring/Summer 2010 trends seen at Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, Volume Million Lashes can quickly whip up full, feline lash lines that flick out in perfect curves at the corners. When it comes to Autumn/Winter 2010, the catwalks are suggesting the no-mascara look, which translates to women on the highstreet as a light single layer of Volume Million Lashes for definition as opposed to a thickening effect.

L`Oréal Volume Million Mascara, £10.99, will be available nationwide from May 2010

written by
Katie Service

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